A study abroad program in Italy for landscape design majors at South Dakota State University (SDSU) was successfully conducted in the summer of 2002. A three-week two-credit course was developed as a part of a larger university-wide program to promote globalization of the curricula. With the support of the university's President, a faculty member traveled to Italy on a planning trip in 2001. The purpose of the trip was multi-faceted information gathering for the establishment of the program. Nine students from the Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape, and Parks Department (HFLP) participated in the study abroad program. Results and comments from a post-course survey were positive, indicating that students were very satisfied with the program. This paper presents the experience of a successful international landscape design course providing prospective programs with a model for the establishment and implementation of similar courses.



globalizing education, study abroad programs, landscape design students

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