This study was conducted to assess the undergraduate programs within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) at Michigan State University. The specific areas within the study included educational programs, quality of instruction, academic advising, extra-curricular activities and employment information. The target population of the study was comprised of 3,400 CANR bachelor's degree graduates from summer semester 1993 through spring semester 1998. Two questionnaires were designed for the study—one for the alumni and one for their employers.


Findings of this study provide indications for improvement. Alumni were very satisfied with their courses, however, they indicated that they needed more preparation in the areas of computer skills and knowledge of career opportunities. Academic advisors were also rated highly in terms of academic advising; yet the alumni indicated a need for improvement in career advising. Extracurricular activities were a very positive aspect of the graduates' educational experience, and one they found useful in preparation for employment. Employers rated the alumni highly in terms of preparation by the college and their career performance. However, both the employers and alumni suggested mathematics, computer skills and writing skills as areas needing improvement.



recent graduates, employers, undergraduate programs, follow-up study, Michigan State University

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