The NACTA John Deere Award is awarded jointly to one faculty member and his or her institution. The award is designed to recognize outstanding teachers and programs of agricultural business, technology and/or management in post-secondary schools and colleges. Special emphasis is placed on preparation of students for employment in the areas of management, sales, service, processing and production but not exclusive of total program thrust. Criteria evaluated include instructor's teaching philosophy; administrative officer evaluation; three-year placement record; evaluations by current students and alumni; and continued professional development of the faculty member. Recipients receive a plaque and $500.00. Another $500.00 is awarded to the institution. 
  1. Inclusion of the NACTA John Deere Award Checklist at the beginning of the nominee's file.
  2. An essay by the nominee on his or her teaching philosophy, not to exceed five typewritten (double-spaced) pages.
  3. A one paragraph summary of the nominee's agriculture program with specific emphasis on student learning experiences and intended/actual learning outcomes.
  4. A statement and/or letter by the academic administrative officer to include or verify:
    • That the nominee has had a full-time appointment with at least 25% teaching for the past five years.
    • An evaluation of the nominee's performance by one academic administrative officer using the "NACTA Teacher Evaluation Form - Administrative Officer."
    • Any additional support remarks deemed appropriate by the administrative officer.
  5. A summary of the placement records of recent graduates (last three years) from the respective program.
  6. Evaluations of the nominee's teaching performance by recent students (last three years) must be included. Since most institutions have an in-house teacher evaluation system, a summary of recent data on the nominee's performance as assessed by the home institution's system is appropriate. Such an analysis must be accompanied by appropriate interpretive materials and a copy of the evaluation instrument employed. The NACTA Teacher Evaluation Form - Current Student may be used if the nominee's home institution does not collect and analyze student evaluations or to supplement your institution's in-house evaluation system (include no more than ten evaluations).
  7. At least five and not more than ten completed Teacher - Current Student Forms from current students.  Please see the NACTA Awards main page.
  8. Evaluation of the nominee's teaching by recent alumni (last five years). At least five and not more than ten completed Teacher - Alumnus/Alumna Forms by recent graduates should be provided using the NACTA Teacher Evaluation Form - Alumnus/Alumna.
  9. Evidence of continuing professional development of the nominee such as academic course work and/or non-credit commercial in-service courses completed.
  10. Nominee's resume/vita limited to 4-pages total.
*** Note: Nominees who are not selected for this award may be considered the following year without updating their files, but new copies must be submitted to the Chair of the Teacher Recognition Committee. However, a nominee can and may wish to update the packet if additional supportive material would enhance the nomination.


Attendance at the annual meeting: Nominees should recognize that NACTA and sponsors expect awardees to be present at the annual conference to receive their awards. A consent of nomination implies that the nominee has an intention and, if selected for an award, will make a reasonable attempt to attend the annual conference.  All award recipients are expected to participate/make presentations at future NACTA conferences.

A photograph and short biography of each award recipient will be included in the awards program at the annual conference. Submit a biography not to exceed 150 words in WordPerfect or Word format, along with a good picture in the form of a JPG or GIF file (the larger/better quality, the better your picture will be) and your funniest moment in teaching story to be shared during the awards presentation.  This single file should be submitted using the online submission system where you'll submit your award packet. 

Deadline for all nomination materials is 11:59 PM on February 1.  

First impressions do count. Attention to neatness of organization, format, and presentation of dossiers can make a difference.


Submit all award nominations online at

For each nominee, upload one single PDF file that includes all nomination materials (all documents, letters of support, teaching evaluations and other relevant documents) at the website by 11:59 PM on February 1st. 

We will only accept one PDF file for each nomination, and the website will not combine your materials into one file if you upload multiple files for each nominee. Evaluations of all nominees will be conducted through the website and neither the Teacher Recognition Committee nor the evaluators will be able to put multiple files together for one nominee.  
Visit the website at for information on how to upload your files. If you haven't used this website before, you will need to create your own id and password. If you have any problem uploading files, contact the NACTA administrative office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Nomination materials for all awards (except Distinguished Educator and Teaching Award of Merit) must be uploaded to the website by 11:59 PM on February 1. 


Contact the NACTA Administrative Office via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..