Consider these personal benefits and professional advantages for becoming a member of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture.


1. NACTA is the only professional organization at the post-secondary level dedicated to the sole purpose of promoting as well as recognizing teaching excellence in the areas of agricultural, environmental, natural and life sciences.


2. NACTA provides a great opportunity to become professionally associated with a group of talented faculty across a wide range of disciplines who share both a committed dedication to teaching excellence and a personal enthusiasm for engaging college students. NACTA members share a passion for college teaching. NACTA is a resource to develop superior teaching skills to enhance student learning.


3. The NACTA Journal offers a wide range of opportunities for NACTA members to publish articles relating to teaching philosophies, creative ideas, methodology, and research related to new teaching innovations, curriculum models, assessment strategies, teaching methods to enhance student learning, student advising and engagement, as well as student recruitment/retention strategies.


4. Members can contribute a NACTA Teaching Tip in the NACTA Journal to document new teaching strategies and/or teaching innovations in the classroom.


5. The NACTA Journal provides a wealth of information and ideas to enhance a member’s teaching and student advising programs as well as curriculum development and assessment.


6. Attending the Annual NACTA Conference allows NACTA members to interact with professionals from 2-year and 4-year, private or public, regional or land grant institutions in Canada and the United States.


7. The annual NACTA Conference provides its members ample opportunities to make an Oral Presentation and/or Poster Presentation to document their teaching and/or student advising programs.


8. Being a NACTA member provides an individual the opportunity to be recognized for their teaching excellence and expertise with a NACTA Journal Award and/or NACTA Teaching Award. These award recognitions are an excellent way for NACTA members to validate their scholarship of teaching among their peers at the national and international levels for tenure and promotion nomination packets at their respective institutions.


9. NACTA has developed partnerships with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities, and industry sponsors to recognize excellence in teaching and student learning.


10. Attending the NACTA Annual Conference always re-energizes a member’s enthusiasm for teaching. Members continually return back to their respective campuses with new ideas for curriculum development and teaching methods. A bond of NACTA fellowship develops as members make new friends and often develop collaborative efforts for teaching programs and instructional improvement projects.


11. NACTA members have the opportunity to serve and share leadership in a wide range of Committee and Executive Officer positions. The strength of NACTA is the willingness of its members to volunteer (at their own time and expense) and to share their talents in providing the leadership to accomplish the mission of NACTA by advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Ron Hanson

NACTA Membership Director

University of Nebraska

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