NACTA Updates and Information: April 2010


To encourage better communication throughout NACTA this e-newsletter is sent via email on a monthly basis. This is the website version of the e-newsletter.

In This Issue:

  • Note about Past NACTA Journal Editor, Bob Gough
  • Not too Late for Membership Renewal
  • Be sure to vote for NACTA officers - 2010-2011
  • Hard Copies of 2009 NACTA Journal Available
  • Registration for 2010 NACTA Conference Now Open
  • NACTA Judging Conference
  • Results of the NACTA/SERD 2010 Call for Abstracts
  • Book Reviews
  • New NACTA Website and NACTA on FaceBook
  • Writing for the NACTA Journal - Tips
  • Request for Help from NACTA Colleagues
  • Featured Listings:
  1. Team Coordinator for the Nutrition, Health and Wellness Program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County (CCE-Tompkins)
  2. Farm Manager/Educator Position at Willamette University in Salem, OR




Note about Past NACTA Journal Editor, Bob Gough


Many of the long-time NACTA members know Bob Gough. He was the NACTA Journal Editor before Rick Parker. In February, 2008 Bob was diagnosed with cancer. Two years of surgeries, complications, frustrations, side-effects, and hope ensued. Bob happily returned to work at Montana State University and life seemed to almost resume normalcy.


On March 4, 2010 a blood test revealed a high marker, indicating something was wrong. A subsequent CT-scan revealed tumors in Bob's lungs. He began chemo at the Bozeman Cancer Center.


His wife, Cheryl said that we could share this information about Bob and share his Cambridge website:


At the website you can leave Bob a message and read about his journey in his words and Cheryl's.



Not too Late for Membership Renewal

If you did not renew your membership by February 20, 2010 you will no longer have access to the current issues of the NACTA Journal online at You can still renew your membership by emailing the secretary or obtaining a membership form on the NACTA website under Membership Applications. If you have paid your 2010 membership and have not received the 2010 password please email the secretary.


Help NACTA grow. Remember that you could double the membership of NACTA if you encouraged one associate to join at the time you renew your membership. Make a copy of the form and encourage someone else to join!



Be Sure to Vote for NACTA Officers for 2010-2011


Be sure to vote on the NACTA website for the officers election. We have set up an account for each NACTA member on the new website. This account will allow individuals to maintain  membership, have access to NACTA only materials, and to vote in our annual officer elections.


To activate your account we request that you setup your password by entering your email address in the following link:


The system will email you a link that you may use to reset your password. After you have reset your password, you may log in to your account with your email address as a USER NAME.


On the front page of the NACTA website, the link to the officer bio sketches and 2010 Officer Elections are under "Featured Links" on the lower left side.


If you have problems, please let us know. The voting begins now and ends May 31, 2010.


Hard Copies of Annual 2009 NACTA Journal Available


A few hard copies of the Annual 2009 NACTA Journal (4 issues combined) are available for anyone wanting to purchase an extra copy or two. The cost is $30.00 per copy (shipping and handling included). Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in purchasing one or more copies.

You can also obtain an electronic (PDF) or hard copy of the Annual 2009 NACTA Journal on Lulu: All money goes to support the NACTA organization.



Registration for 2010 NACTA June Conference Now Open


Registration is now open for the 2010 NACTA Conference being held at Penn State on June 22-25. For details on the conference and to register online please visit: Register by May 1 to take advantage of the early registration discount.


We hope you can join us this summer in State College, PA for an engaging week of oral presentations, poster sessions, roundtable discussions and exciting tours as we "Collaborate, Communicate, Celebrate," teaching and learning around agricultural, human, and renewable natural resources.


For questions regarding the 2010 NACTA conference, please visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 814-865-8301 or toll-free 877-778-2937.


Sincerely, the 2010 NACTA Conference Planning Committee, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State



NACTA Judging Conference


The annual NACTA Judging Conference is being hosted at Redlands Community College in El Reno, OK, April 15-17, 2010. The contest that will be hosted includes: Ag Business Management, Computer Applications, Crops, Dairy, Horse Judging, Livestock, Quiz Bowl, and Soils.

For registration questions:

Annie Pearson

COE Conference Facilitator



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For general questions:

Cynthia Patterson

Administrative Assistant


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For complete details go to the NACTA Judging Conference website.



Results of the NACTA/SERD 2010 Call for Abstracts


The call for abstracts for the 2010 NACTA/SERD Conference at Penn State University, June 22 – 25 ended March 20, 2010. We received 220 abstract submissions This is about 80 more than last year! Just ten years ago 28 abstracts were presented at the NACTA Conference in 2000!


Find out more about NACTA Conferences. You can view and download photos taken at past NACTA Conferences at this URL: .Also you can find examples of posters from past NACTA Conferences.



Books Available to Review


Currently, no books are available for review:



New NACTA Website and NACTA on FaceBook

The old website is the new website. It is completely redesigned. The new website is the new communication tool for members of NACTA and those interested in NACTA. It also links directly to electronic issues of the NACTA Journal on FastPress ( and to our manuscript submission site ( We are certain that you will be pleased with NACTA's new look on its new website. Check it out and submit any suggestions that you might have. Forward any content that you would like on the website to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Find us on Facebook. Leave us a comment on our "wall."



Writing for the NACTA Journal - Tips


This section of the E-newsletter will feature helpful tips on preparing a manuscript for the NACTA Journal. All of the information featured here is available in the "Instructions for NACTA Authors" which can be downloaded from the NACTA website.


Tables: Make tables neat and clear. Do not use blocking unless absolutely necessary for clarity. Place tables on separate pages at the end of the manuscript. (Do not embed in the manuscript.) Type captions above the table. Captions should be inclusive enough to allow the table to stand by itself. All captions and the tables themselves should be in 12 point Times New Roman font.


Use a minimum number of tables to support textual discussion. Tables should be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.


Table titles should be in this format:

Table 1. Title of Table


Footnotes in tables should appear as superscript lower case letters beginning at the end of the alphabet, such as z,y,x etc. Use of “a”, “b”, “c”, etc. can be confused with indicators of statistical significance


To indicate statistical significance, use a single asterisk (*) for P=0.05, a double asterisk (**) for P=0.01, and a triple asterisk (***) for P=0.001. Use small letters (a,b,c, etc.) to indicate mean separation and indicate in a footnote the level of significance (P=0.05, P=0.01, or P=0.001 level). “NS” indicates non-significance. You must state the test applied to generate significance. Explain your symbols in a footnote. For example:


1 Mean separation in rows by Gough's Multiple Range test, P= 0.05

2 NS, *, **, *** Nonsignificant or significant at P=0.05, 0.01, or 0.001, respectively using Gough’s Multiple Range test.


Finally, consider the size of your table and the page size (8.5 x 11 inches) of the Journal. Large tables, one page or more, are difficult to incorporate into the Journal and are difficult for the reader.



Request for Help from NACTA Colleagues




I am proposing a session, "On Teaching Rural Development," for the 2010 Mid-Continent Regional Science Association annual meetings in St. Louis, MO, June 3-5. I have a USDA grant to start a rural development certification program, which includes five courses on rural development: an introductory course, a grant writing course, a GIS overview course, an international trade course and a course on electronic commerce. I am interested in learning the state of the art in rural community/economic development education, whether at the undergraduate level, graduate levels or in extension. I'm interested in both domestic (U.S.) rural development and in rural development around the world. I am interested in what others consider vital topics necessary for quality training in rural development. Please share your experiences from the classroom and/or in the field.


Abstracts are due on April 1, but we can have an extra week or so to submit.  If you are interested in participating, please submit your abstracts to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I will submit them to MCRSA in one batch. Details about the conference, held jointly with Minnesota IMPLAN Group, are available at


Aaron K. Lusby

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Business

Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech Rural Development Center


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Featured Listings


Team Coordinator for the Nutrition, Health and Wellness Program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County (CCE-Tompkins)


CCE-Tompkins is working with nearly all components of local food systems in Tompkins County including use and consumption of healthy foods by all communities. The Nutrition Team Coordinator provides leadership and management of the nutrition, health and wellness related components of our programming.


The successful candidate will have proven experience in working collaboratively with a team and other program leaders and in addressing important community issues with a diverse set of community actors. The Team Coordinator will serve as a senior member of the Association’s Management Group and will report directly to and work closely with the Executive Director. For a detailed description of position responsibilities, please see


Applications will be reviewed beginning 04/30/10 or when an acceptable pool of applicants has been identified.


For more information about Cornell Cooperative Extension:



Farm Manager/Educator Position at Willamette University in Salem, OR


The Center for Sustainable Communities at Willamette University seeks a Farm Manager/Educator for its student initiated Zena Farm near Salem, OR. The Farm Manager/Educator should be diligent about fieldwork, knowledgeable about organics, and enthusiastic about teaching undergraduates farming techniques during our six week summer session at Zena Farm. We seek a graduate of a 4 -year program in organic or alternative agriculture OR a graduate of any 4-year program who also holds a certificate from a program in organic agriculture.


Ideally, this person also has real farm experience both as a farm-hand and as a farm manager. Significant farming experience may stand in lieu of an organic farming certificate. The position focuses on agricultural field operations and organic crop production; the supervision and training of students; and, the operation, maintenance, and repair of farm and garden equipment and facilities. The duration of the position extends beyond the six-week summer session, beginning May 3, 2010 and ending August 31, 2010. Hours are somewhat flexible and pay will be commensurate with experience. Room and board is provided during the six-week summer program and on-site housing can continue for the duration of the position. If interested, contact Jennifer Johns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (503) 990-7161 for more information about the application process.