The NACTA Teaching Scholar Award is presented to a maximum of 1% of the NACTA membership body.  These individuals should demonstrate a heavier commitment to NACTA since earning the NACTA Educator Award and be clear about their involvement with NACTA, the NACTA Journal, and our NACTA annual conference.  Teachers seeking this award should also demonstrate a teaching influence beyond their own campus.  


To qualify for the NACTA Teaching Scholar Award, a NACTA member must have previously received NACTA Educator Award or the NACTA Teacher Fellow Award and currently be on a full-time appointment involving at least 25% teaching. A committee of NACTA members reviews applications.

  • Applicants must hold a current membership in NACTA or must send the membership form and check to the NACTA office to be received by February 1st (see ). Applicants who are not paid NACTA members by February 1st will be ineligible to receive the award and will not have their dossiers reviewed.
  • Award recipients are expected to attend the NACTA Conference in order to received their award. There is no funding for travel associated with this award. If funding is needed for travel, applicants should inquire about travel grants offered through NACTA or through their institutions.

Selection Criteria for Your Application:

  1. A cover page, including membership status to address eligibility. The cover page should include the following information:
    • Name, title, professional address, telephone number, e-mail address of the nominator;
    • Name, title, professional address, telephone number, e-mail address of the nominee;
    • A list of the awards for which the nominee is being nominated; and
    • Cover letter to the Chair of the Teacher Recognition Committee which addresses items 2, 3, and 4 below. This can be written by the nominator or the nominee.
  2. Evidence of an individual NACTA membership for at least three years (be sure to address this). Membership will be verified. If there is no evidence of this membership requirement, applicants will be ineligible to receive the award and will not have their applications reviewed.
  3. Evidence that the nominee has been on a full-time appointment involving at least 25% teaching for at least five of the past seven years is required (A statement by an academic administrative officer will suffice).
  4. Nominee for the NACTA Teaching Scholar Award must have received the NACTA Educator or the NACTA Teacher Fellow Award at least two years prior to being nominated for this award. Nominee must clearly state when they received the Teacher Fellow Award.
  5. A statement of the nominee's teaching philosophy, not to exceed five typewritten (double-spaced) pages.
  6. A summary of student evaluations of teaching for the most recent five years, plus letters of support from 2-3 current or former students.  Please ask students to complete the Teacher - Current Student Form on the NACTA Awards main page.
  7. A completed Teacher - Administrative Officer Form from an administrator directly related to the nominee's teaching activities.  Please see the NACTA Awards main page.  
  8. A completed Teacher - Peer Form from a faculty peer.  Please see the NACTA Awards main page.  It's even better if this is done by peers outside of your institution.
  9. A self-evaluation of nominee's teaching activities to include the following sections:
    1. availability to students
    2. ability to attract and motivate students
    3. use of current, innovative and effective teaching methods
    4. current in subject matter, including relevance to agricultural, environmental, natural and life sciences
    5. scholarly activities related to teaching
    6. participation in departmental, institutional and profession affairs
    7. outreach and engagement related to teaching
    8. student related activities (e.g., Club Advisor, etc.)
  10. A summary of nominee's promotion and enhancement of teaching
  11. A summary of nominee's involvement with NACTA
  12. Nominee's resume/vita, limited to 4-pages total

*** Note: Nominees who are not selected for this award may be considered the following year without updating their files, but new copies must be submitted. However, a nominee can and may wish to update the packet if additional supportive material would enhance the nomination.

Special Instructions

Attendance at annual meeting: Nominees should recognize that NACTA and sponsors expect awardees to be present at the annual conference to receive their awards. A consent of nomination implies that the nominee has an intention and, if selected for an award, will make a reasonable attempt to attend the annual conference.  All award recipients are expected to participate/make presentations at future NACTA conferences.

A professional photograph and short biography of each award recipient will be included in the awards program at the annual conference. Submit a biography (not to exceed 150 words) along with a high-quality, professional picture (the larger/better quality, the better your picture will be) and don't forget your story about your most memorable teaching experience. The biography, picture, and story should be uploaded along with your award packet.

Deadline for all nomination materials is 11:59 PM on February 1st.

First impressions do count. Attention to neatness of organization, format, and presentation of dossiers makes a difference.

Submission Information: 

Click here to nominate yourself or a colleague.

For each nominee, upload one single PDF file that includes all nomination materials (all document, letters of support, teaching evaluations and other relevant documents) at the website by 11:59 PM on February 1st.

We will only accept one PDF file for each nomination, and the website will not combine your materials into one file if you upload multiple files for each nominee. Evaluations of all nominees will be conducted through the website and neither the Teacher Recognition Committee nor the evaluators will be able to put multiple files together for one nominee.  

Click here to nominate yourself or a colleague.If you have any problem uploading files, contact the NACTA administrative office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..