The word "professional" implies having the characteristics of or conforming to the standards of a profession. For NACTA members some characteristics of the professional group would be: to promote the cause of agriculture, to create a better public image of agriculture, to promote closer ties between land grant and the non-land grant institutions, and to develop and instigate ways to create better teachers.

The term "growth" means the progressive development of an organism or the like. People have three basic areas of growth: physical, mental, and spiritual. These three cannot be separated completely, but for purposes of this writing let the last two be differentiated as follows: mental growth includes gaining and retaining facts, sorting these facts and predicting from them events in the future, and relating these facts and predictions to others; spiritual growth includes the developing of the personality, character, attitudes, channeling of energies, and a dependence upon a power higher than oneself.



professional growth, professional development

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