For the past 14 years I have helped Fresno State Agriculture graduates find employment in a wide variety of agribusiness occupations; at the same time I have worked with industry representatives in an effort to find the right man for a particular job description. This has provided me with a golden opportunity to study the demands being made on our college for young men and women with degrees in Agriculture. I have developed a real interest in the kinds of demands being made on us at Fresno State for agriculture graduates. Records have been kept on what our graduates do when they leave the School of Agriculture for over ten years. Using the data gathered from our graduates, we have published a bulletin titled "A Counseling Aid to Agribusiness Opportunities." This was undertaken to acquaint the high school counselors with the many opportunities that exist in agribusiness and to solicit their cooperation in guiding more city youth into this type of work. If we are to meet the demands being made on us for agriculture graduates we must wage a more active recruitment campaign for young people in every city across the nation.



career planning, recruitment, agricultural employment, agribusiness opportunities

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