I can say without reservation that for me teaching has been consistently the most rewarding activity of my professional career. Teaching as I conceive it, is more than the usual operation of a classroom environment designed to transmit knowledge and develop understandings. It involves a concept wherein the classroom serves as the point of origin for experiences that extend into the real world of work. To me it is essential that this connection or identification be made for effective teaching. There is nothing fancy about this idea - teacher educators have always maintained that realism is more effective than pretense and doing is, from the teachers' and learners' point-of-view, more efficient than any other teaching method. As a teacher, I am interested in the things that will improve my ability to break through the various barriers thar resist change in the student, including limited student aptitude, student experiences, and levels of student motivation. I am also interested in those things a good teacher does to make himself competitively more effective in bidding for the student's interest. As far as I am concerned, I want always to treat the opportunity of teaching as a privilege ultimately granted to me not by the administrative authority, but rather by the learner.



introductory courses, student learners, effective teaching, motivation

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