Highlights of a program to increase world food supplies have been given. Potential results are promising because there is nothing radically new in the program with the exception of a major revision in the method of using scarce resources. Agriculture will be the prime recipient of these resources at the expense of alternative opportunities. Even agriculture will be budgeted strictly to avoid waste and low response per unit of input. Transferral of the susbstantial adaptation to local resource availability and quality will be imperative.

A program to reduce the demand for food must be developed concurrently. Reducing the growth rate of the human population can be achieved through a variety of programs based upon changes in knowledge, attitude, and practice toward family planning. A variety of government programs will be needed to accomplish this objective.

Success in both programs in imperative and demands the highest endeavors of man; failure, in either or both dooms mankind to the greatest castastrophy of his life on earth.



food supply, world population

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