Approximately 25 percent of Manitoba's high school students do not complete high school. In absolute numbers this is about 5,000 of the 18,000 students who enter grade 10. Reasons for noncompletions vary; it may be disenchantment with high school courses, with teachers, or officials; it may be upheavals in the home; or it may be an adjournment of studies in favor of a work experience, travel by themselves or with parents, or simply holidaying. Whatever the reason, eventually, a good number of the students who "step-out" of the regular education stream, wish to go on to higher education programs. In the province of Manitoba several programs have been designed to make this possible. Firstly, students who lack high school courses may take evening classes, summer school, or enroll in regular high school courses. Secondly there are regular tutorial services to assist students in completing their high school requirements.



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