A survey sent to Agronomy Teaching Coordinators and/or Department Heads of Agronomy at all of the members of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) indicated a need for modifying teaching programs and courses to satisfy the educational needs for increasing numbers of urban enrollees in agronomy classes. The results pointed to needs of both males and females for a farm background or farm experience to meet the challenge of face to face interaction with a farmer. Many NASULGC Colleges now provide to students without farm experience training in the task performance aspects of farming through cooperative education programs, farm internships, work-study projects, summer work experience. Many schools are providing more field laboratory work, practicums, and "hands-on" experiences; however, some institutions find these added programs very expensive training for non-farm agronomy enrollees can lead to an enormous demand on departmental resources, depending on the rural or urban location of the University.



urban students, non-farm students

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