A shortage of highly capable experts in the food and agricultural sciences is a potential bomb, one that could threaten the total food and agricultural system on which much ofthe world stability is based.

- An estimated 1 billion people in the world sufferin some degree from malnutrition.

- As many as 1/2 million may be dying annuallyfrom starvation.

- Tens of millions are struck down annually by disease.

- By the end of this century agriculture will be confronted with feeding twice as many people as are now living on earth.

In essence, food supply is already a crisis in many nations, and we could face a world food crisis in the not too distant future that could dim the fuel crisis into insignificance. Obviously, the development of alternatives and solutions to problems associated with the food and agricultural system demands an investment of human capital - an investment possible only to the extent to which such expertise exists.



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