The importance of some economic training has been recognized for all curriculums in the college of agriculture for many years. Agricultural students have always been encouraged to take a minimum number of courses in Agricultural Economics to meet specialized marketing needs. In recent years, many changes have occurred in the economic and institutional considerations in marketing agricultural commodities and the purchased inputs used in their production. Marketing systems have become much more specialized both with respect to commodities and to inputs. Agricultural majors need additional training in the application of economics and micro-computers to the operation and management of highly specialized, large-scale marketing and manufacturing firms (3). To cope successfully with the changes, many departments have added courses in marketing to their curriculums. Professors teaching the courses in agricultural marketing, and feedback from other departments, students, and industry has led to a changed format for teaching agricultural marketing courses at Mississippi State University. One teaching format developed by the Department of Agricultural Economics is the five-week, one-hour agricultural marketing, agri-business and micro-computer application course.



agricultural economics, agribusiness, marketing

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