Microcomputer graphics software programs are a potentially effective teaching aid for the discussion and understanding of complex and dynamic systems such as the commodity futures market. The Ag. Disk Market Charting Software Program was used in the undergraduate commodity futures course during the Spring 1984 semester at the University of Nevada, Reno. By using the Ag. Disk software and Apple II microcomputer, students could see on the CRT screen different price trends as derived by different technical market analysis procedures. A student questionnaire was given to determine what students liked and disliked about the Ag. Disk program and if they thought this was a positive learning experience. All students rated the microcomputer graphics exercises as an effective educational tool. Students especially liked being able to see futures price charts on the CRT screen and the ease in changing price chart configuration parameters. By using different configuration parameters, different price charts were derived and different trading plans were developed.



computer graphics, commodity futures course

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