The three general types of note-taking strategies for lecture courses are blanket notes, structured outlines, or traditional narrative. The use of detailed course objectives can influence the effectness of the lecture presentation and the type of note-taking. The structured outline approach along with detailed course objectives has been used in Introductory Soil Science at Colorado State University for about four years. Consequently, the objective of this study was to determine the student's perception of the effectiveness of this note-taking strategy as well as the usefulness of the detailed objectives. A three-statement mid-term evaluation which provided for comments and a final course evaluation was conducted. Results indicated that the majority of the students felt that the structured outline approach and the use of objectives were helpful. Individual comments indicated that this strategy allowed students to better organize their notes for study and to know what they were expected to learn. Based on the students' response, Introductory Soil Science will continue to be presented with a structured outline and detailed objectives.



taking notes, soil science, lectures

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