Community College District 521, in southern Illinois, encompasses 14high schools: Benton, Christopher, Enfield, McLeansboro, Mt. Vernon, Pinckneyville, Sesser-Valier, Tamaroa, Thompsonville, Waltonville, Wayne City, Webber Township, Woodlawn and Zeigler-Royalton. The district covers a total of 1,985 square miles. John A.Logan, Southeastern, Belleville College districts and part of the Kaskaskia agriculture program are also served by District 521 agriculture program.

The college offered three two-year programs in agriculture. The three programs included agriculture business, agriculture mechanics and agriculture production. The agriculture department depended on three forms of advertisement: 1) radio, 2) newspaper, and 3) past students. Enrollment in District 521's agriculture program increased from 1978 to 1982. Since 1982 there had been a 50 percent drop (1982 to 1985) in enrollment (Scott, Clark, Personal Communications, August 1984).



high school student awareness, community college

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