Increased agricultural production is one of the primary development goals in the Republic of Mali (Houze, 1979). Widespread agricultural education is an important component of the country's developmental strategies. The contribution of Moniteurs d ' Agricole (Cooperative Extension agents) in disseminating information and in introducing new cultivation methods, crop varieties, and livestock management techniques is considered essential to efficient agricultural production (Diamond, 1981). Moniteurs d ' Agricole are the village junior-level technicians directly responsible for implementing village agricultural development projects. Qualified students interested in careers as Moniteurs d ' Agricole complete a two-year formal training program at one of three different agricultural training centers (Centres d' apprentissage agricole, CAA) and a one-year internship program at one of three different specialized centers (Centre de Specialization, CS). This article will give some insight into the agricultural education program for training Moniteurs d' Agricole in the Republic of Mali.



international agriculture, Mali, agricultural education

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