Coincidentally, the Association of Faculties of Agriculture in Canada (AFAC) and the Resident Instruction Committee on Policy (RICOP) of the colleges of agriculture at state universities and land grant colleges in the United States begun collecting enrollment data in 1978. Student enrollment in agriculture in North America rose rapidly in the 1972-1976 period, due to primarily to the higher commodity prices created by the massive grain exports in 1972-73, and the increasing partcipation rate of female students. By 1978 there was some uneasiness in relation to future enrollment and some colleges began to experience alarming declines. Data collection systems were developed to provide annual records of changing enrollment patterns; enrollment levels have been reported annually since 1979.

This report is provided to compare and contrast the Canadian situation to that of the United States and provides a continuing report of Canadian enrollment. Previous issues of the NACTA Journal carry earlier versions of this annual report.



Canadian enrollment

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