Lectures, demonstrations, and video tapes are effective methods that are frequently used for teaching students how to manage the foaling mare. However, as most breeders and foaling attendants will testify, actual hands-on experience is also important for a complete and thorough understanding of the procedures and processes involved. Taylor and Kauffman (1983) recently suggested that one of the challenges facing educators in animal science is to include more hands-on experience in their courses. They based this statement on a 1980 survey which revealed that only one-third of the students enrolled in animal science departments had farm, ranch or livestock backgrounds. Since many students enrolled in the senior level horse management course at Texas A&M University have had little or no experience in managing the foaling mare, it became apparent that the laboratory portion of the course needed to incorporate more hands-on experience in this area. Thus, a foaling project was designed and has been implemented and modified over the past 11 years. The current format of the project is presented in this paper.



horse production course, foaling management, hands-on experience

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