In the face of declining enrollments, many departments and colleges of agriculture are becoming increasingly concerned about their recruitment programs. This concern is best illustrated by recent contributions to the Journal on the subject of student recruitment. Recruitment programs in poultry/animal science departments have been assessed by Pescatore and Harter-Dennis (1987) and Litzenberg (1987). Programs to inform and recruit high school students have been examined by Betts and Newcomb (1986) and Reneau and Kabat (1986). Issues and challenges in recruiting have been addressed by Hildreth (1986) and Coulter (1985). Specific recruitment strategies have been developed to include students (Haque, 1986) and marketing research techniques (Schuster and Costantino, 1986). Related studies have examined factors associated with enrollments (Slocombe, 1986) and factors considered by students in selecting a college or university (Riesenberg, 1987). In general, these papers offer some revealing insights into recruitment programs which were once taken for granted. These papers also indicate a critical need for additional systematic research on alternative recruitment strategies.



recruitment, campus visits

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