"Aspirations . . . have been shown to be among the most significant determinants of eventual educational attainment" (Marjoribanks, 1984. p. 166). The aspirations of students have been found to be a reflection of the expectations held by their parents (Lee, 1984). Although the educational and occupational aspirations and expectations of many types of students have been studied, none had previously focused on the aspirations and expectations of students in rural Ohio (Odell, 1986, p. 12). Enrollments in colleges of agriculture have traditionally drawn heavily from rural communities. Changes in the agricultural economy and other factors have resulted in fewer undergraduate students studying agriculture. What are the college attendance plans of rural students in Ohio? What influences do the parents of these students exert in the decisions students are making about their future careers? To what extent do rural students continue to choose careers in areas that are sex stereotypic?



rural Ohio students

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