The basic skills for safely and effectively communicating with and training horses must be acquired by all horsemen regardless of whether the skills are utilized for recreational purposes or as part of a career in the horse industry. To fulfill this need for students attending Texas A&M University, a hands-on course has been developed to give students the experience necessary for working with horses on a day-to-day basis. Taught in a lecture-laboratory format, primary emphasis is placed on training the students as they train the horses. The overall course objective is to help students learn safe, effective techniques for handling and training horses by giving them the opportunity to develop those skills from actual hands-on experiences. Students with similar levels of expertise are placed into lab sections. Horses are assigned to students which will help them to develop new skills, and improve upon existing skills. The result of this approach is that the students get systematic instruction for training horses and they become competent at certain horse training skills.



hands-on methods, horse training skills

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