We are in a time of dramatic change for society- a time that is bringing irreversible changes to our society. Note some changes that have global implications:

*The U.S. is no longer the world's largest creditor but is now the world's largest debtor

*nearly $135 billion in transactions take place each day in international trade

*experts are predicting we will have a common international currency within 30 years.

*the ten largest banks are Japanese

*of the ten largest corporations, Japan has eight: Nipon is #1, Exxon #2, IBM is #3; the remaining seven are Japanese

Most of us cannot understand all these changes; yet this societal restructuring is affecting our daily lives and the lives of our students. My underlying premise is: At the leading edge of our future are (1) computer technology and (2) education.



information technology, communication technology, education goals, global

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