Improving food industry employee education has been a difficult process in the past. However, with current low cost access to video cassette recorders, students can take video-taped college courses at home or at work. For example, Kansas State University offers 33 semester hours of video-taped food science courses. Although some of these courses require short periods of on-campus laboratory experiences, 35 hours may be taken through independent study without the student coming to campus. Prompted by USDA-FSIS introduction of food technologists (series 1382), KSU developed a Continuing Education Food Science Program to meet both the educational needs of the USDA food inspectors and the academic quality standards of the university. Using video cassettes, audio cassettes, and guided independent studies, an educational program was made available to students unable to follow traditional formal education. Since the program was initiated in 1986, over 1000 students from 50 states have been enrolled in Kansas State University's Continuing Education Food Science Program.



video-taped food science course, food industry employee education

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