This paper presents results of a survey of the agricultural community in the state of Ohio to assess future curriculum needs in the associate of applied science degree programs at The Ohio State University/Agricultural Technical Institute (OSU/ATI). Agricultural leaders in the state of Ohio and OSU/ATI advisory committee members were surveyed to determine important changes occurring in the field of agriculture which will necessitate changes in the degree programs. In addition, questions regarding the development of a core curriculum for all graduates were included. With regard to topics which will become more important in the future, survey results indicated strong ernphasis should be placed on computer skills, business management techniques, ecology and communication ability. The most frequent responses to the question regarding changes which will occur in the future included increased reliance on computers, farm consolidation, the need for greater specialization in a particular field, environmental issues and public relations skills. Results of the survey led to the development of a description of an OSU/ATI graduate.



future curriculum, graduate attributes, associate degree programs

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