Recognizing that computer literacy is as important today as the traditional "3 R's", the University of Connecticut recently included computing skills as a requirement for graduation. As part of the General Education Requirements, which must be fulfilled by all students in order to graduate regardless of major, students at the University of Connecticut must complete at least one course which is designed to provide a substantial amount of computing experience. As would be expected, many such courses are available in some disciplines such as engineering, mathematics or computer science, but relatively few have traditionally been found in the course offerings of most agricultural colleges. Fortunately, courses involving hands-on computing activities are on the increase in agricultural colleges (DeRouen et al., 1989: Wood et al., 1989: Rhodus, 1990; Harris and Garrett, 1990). The purpose of this article is to describe the integration of computer use into a science-based course in advanced dairy management, Animal Science 277 (ANSC 277).



computing skills, dairy management course, science-based course

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