Investigated the academic behaviors, locus of control, and motivational orientation of students (n = 161) majoring in agriculture at a mid-southern university. The instruments used were the Study Habits Inventory (Jones & Slate, 1992), the Academic Locus of Control Scale (Trice, 1985), and the Educational Participation Scale (Boshier, 1971). Students responded appropriately to only 50.8% of the questions measuring academic behaviors, and demonstrated several characteristic weaknesses in note-taking, studying, and reading. Grade point average was positively correlated with students' academic behavior (r = .43), and negatively related to students' locus of control score (r = - .45). Grades were also negatively correlated with motivational orientations focusing on social relationships (r = -.16) and external expectations (r = -.17), but these relationships were weak. Implications for intervention programs are addressed.



academic behaviors, academic achievement, motivation, orientation

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