While this study was concerned primarily with teachers of secondary agricultural education, there are implications for university and college preparation of future agriculturalists and teachers. Findings revealed that many teachers view sustainable agriculture to be an important aspect of the agricultural industry and a necessary part of an education revolving around this industry. This being the case, post-secondary agricultural curriculum components dealing with sustainable agriculture should be developed. This will provide future teachers and practitioners with information upon which to base decisions concerning the inclusion of sustainable agriculture aspects in agribusiness operations as well as agricultural education teaching material. Furthermore, colleges and universities should take the lead in developing and implementing in-service and training programs on sustainable agriculture for teachers and practitioners presently in the field. As educators, we have an obligation to prepare students to think critically about the various concepts of agriculture and make informed decisions concerning the future of the industry. If this task is to be accomplished, education in and about agriculture must include giving students the opportunity to explore the concepts related to sustainable agriculture.



secondary agricultural teachers, sustainable agriculture

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