The purpose of this study was to design and pilot a graduate follow-up survey to be utilized in an ongoing effor to determine the quality of the educational experience of the graduates of the College of Agriculture at the University of Arizona. This medium provides a route for institutions to ratify the quality of their programs. Realizing that graduates are in a unique position to judge the strengths and weaknesses of any given program, surveys are designed to evaluated the graduate and the product of a program. Of the respondents, 75 percent were employed and among those employed, 81 percent worked full-time. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed had found employment relating to their major in less than four months after graduation, some having positions before graduation. Nearly one-third of current positions held by 1996 graduates were related to their major. Fifty-six percent of the respondents rated their overall College of Agriculture educational experience as "Good", while 26 percent rated their experience as "Excellent."



survey, 1996 agricultural graduates, University of Arizona

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