The purpose of this descriptive study was to determine if a fund-raising activity which encouraged prospective students to visit a university campus had the potential to increase enrollment at that institution, increase student's desire to attend college in general, or increase interest in animal science. This study surveyed parents of 76 participants (n = 16 males; n=60 females), ages 8 - 18, enrolled in 'Horse Lover's Day Camp' at the University of Arkansas in 2006. A four-question survey was given to the parents of the enrolled children pre- and post-camp. Overall, post-camp results revealed an increase in the number of children who planned to attend college, to attend The University of Arkansas and study animal science. There was a statistically significant postcamp increase interest in animal science. When analyzed by gender, results further revealed that a statistically significant (P < 0.001) proportion of the female students were interested in attending college, attending the University of Arkansas and studying animal science. This camp activity format could be a useful tool at other universities to help increase enrollment in specific institutions of higher education and in animal science.



recruiting, horse camp for children, animal science


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