Five hundred twenty-five alumni of the Department of Animal Science at Washington State University (WSU) were queried about their job history, and a return of 195 replies (37.1%) was obtained. Of these, 89 and 106 were from males and females, respectively, and 159 B.S. degrees and 58 M.S./Ph.D. degrees were reported. Career-wise, 116 and 129 (total=245) jobs were reported to have been held by male and female alumni, respectively, with nearly 30% of alumni being involved in higher education, 17% possessing a job in the allied animal/food industry, 12% having a career in some aspect of veterinary medicine, and a little over 10 % indicating a traditional career in farming, ranching, dairy or
feedlot. A smaller (20 year) window of time was evaluated, with only B.S. level alumni respondents between the years 1988 to 2007. During this time, 740 official B.S. degrees in Animal Science were awarded to 237 male and 503 females. A total of 98 (13.2%) responses were received from 26 (~11%) male and 72 (14.3%) female graduates. The top three careers of this group were some aspect of the veterinary profession (25.5%), the allied animal/food sciences area (19.4%) and the farming/ranching/dairy or feedlot field (9%).


animal science graduates, Washington State University, alumni