Currently, the research on the nutrition competence of two year culinary arts students prior, and during their program is very limited. A search of major academic databases (EBSCO), (PUBMED) and (CINAHL) found no peer-reviewed articles addressing the level of nutritional knowledge culinary students have as a result of a culinary arts education. Thus, there is a gap in the literature as it is unknown what would be the optimal way to design culinary nutrition education programs that would produce students well versed in the preparation of healthy and great-tasting food. The study sought to assess knowledge about dietary fat, protein, and sodium among culinary arts students nationwide. This study reports the results of an online survey on general nutrition knowledge of culinary students (n=250) enrolled in associate degree programs across the country. The descriptive online nationwide survey results suggest that knowledge about dietary fat, protein, and sodium was less than satisfactory. Based on these results, it is recommended that culinary arts post-secondary programs incorporate reinforcement lessons beyond the one required nutrition course into their curricula. Decisions on academic emphasis based on nutrition knowledge and current trends contribute to future R & D and food service culinarians at the application level in food design and production.

 Keywords: nutrition, nutrition education, culinary arts, culinary education Introduction Nutritional knowledge of students studying