A research study was conducted to identify factors that correlated with student academic success in university agriculture classes. Students in two courses filled out a four question Likert-type response format questionnaire asking them to report their perceived value, interest, enjoyment, and ease with course topics (n=117). Student-reported interest (rs=0.34), enjoyment (rs=0.33), and ease (rs=0.38) were all positively correlated with course score. Students had high-levels of perceived value (81.2% Agree or Strongly Agree), but it was not correlated with academic achievement. Students earning A grades reported higher levels of interest and enjoyment than students earning either C or D grades (P < 0.05). Interest and enjoyment had a strong positive correlation (rs=0.81), and each had a positive correlation with perceived value (rs=0.57 and 0.48 respectively). While correlation does not establish causation, this study suggests that a relationship exists between students reporting high levels of interest, enjoyment, and ease and academic achievement in university agriculture classes.