Due to increasing enrollment numbers and lack of space to accommodate the increasing students, a redesign of the University of Missouri Small Animal Gross Anatomy Lab was necessary. With the redesign, an opportunity presented itself to alter and enhance the current learning environment. Cooperative learning groups and a peer teaching review period were developed to encourage student interactions and engagement. A descriptive study was conducted to determine the student and instructor perceptions of the course redesign. Overall, it was found the redesign of the course successfully enhanced the learning environment. It was also found both the students and instructors perceived the cooperative learning groups enhanced the learning of students. The students also perceived the peer teaching period enhanced their learning, but the instructors were divided on the effectiveness of the peer teaching review. From these findings, some additional alterations where made to the Small Animal Gross Anatomy Lab. To increase the success of the peer teaching review period, an additional peer reviewer was added. Additionally, alterations were made to the dissection guides and supplemental materials provided for students and increased communication between instructors and students was encouraged.