The development of a person’s human capital is an important, personal task and often a lifelong endeavor. Ensuring graduates are prepared for the workforce is a mission of higher education institutions. Because human capital can be sector-specific, it is imperative that academic departments assess the needs of their graduates and the industries that employ them. This study sought to determine the human capital (i.e., skills, experiences, and knowledge) needed in the workforce from university graduates of animal science departments, as perceived by potential employers in the animal agricultural industry. It was found that basic computer skills and the ability to interpret data efficiently were the highest rated technical skills, while a strong work ethic, honesty, and trustworthiness were the highest rated non-technical skills desired by employers. Regarding experiences, employers indicated that an internship in a related field was the most important experience students can have, and that knowledge in basic animal science, computer training, and public speaking were most crucial in landing an entry-level position in the animal agricultural industry.