The purpose of this study was to determine the resources needed by agriculture dual enrollment adjunct faculty. A Delphi approach was implemented to reach three-round consensus of needed resources. The expert panel were those individuals who were currently serving or had served as dual enrollment adjunct faculty at Eastern New Mexico University. Consensus resulted in the following needed resources: local school administration support, adequate tools and supplies, access to technology, effective communication with dual enrollment partner university, presentation materials, adequate space for teaching activities, course curriculum, current syllabi, detailed study guides, and planning time. Practitioner recommendations include creating open lines of communication between local schools and dual enrollment partner universities. Providing human and financial capital is required of local public schools to ensure dual enrollment programming is fully supported. Partnering universities can provide course materials including syllabi, curriculum, study guides, and other presentation materials. The partnering universities can ensure these materials as well as teaching methodologies are updated through regular in-service programming for the adjunct instructors.