Writing assignments are staple teaching tools in many courses. However, most writing assignments, like term papers, allow students to learn only about one topic – the topic they wrote about. A writing assignment that promotes learning about many topics is more beneficial. A blog assignment was used as substitute to a term paper requirement in a soil science course. Pairs of students were assigned a topic and given instructions to prepare a blog with scientific content but written in conversational manner within an 850-word limit. After review by the instructor, the blogs were posted in a blogsite for everyone in the class to read and study. All students agreed that writing blogs was a good way to learn a new topic and reading the blogs of others offered additional opportunities for learning. Eighty-five percent of the students prefer writing blogs over writing term papers. In addition, 62% of students disagreed that writing a full-length term paper would have offered more learning than writing a blog. Students mentioned that the biggest challenge with the assignment was keeping it below the word limit. Results indicate that blogs are effective teaching tools and viable alternatives to full-length term papers as a writing assignment.