Traditional methods to teach horse judging have included classroom education in combination with sample video and/or live horse show classes to judge. These methods, while educational, don’t provide a true, real-life learning experience. The objective of this program was to develop an innovative judging seminar and experience which included classroom education in combination with a true hands-on experience judging a horse show under the guidance and supervision of professional horse show judges. Participants from across the country spent two days in a classroom studying class rules, procedures, protocols and examples. Then participants were able to apply what they learned in the classroom by judging a live horse show for two days. This seminar was an experiential learning opportunity and provided real-time feedback to the participants. When the program concluded, evaluations were disseminated to participants to gather data about the effectiveness of both the seminar and the horse show judging experience. Results suggest the overall effectiveness of both the judging seminar and horse show experience was excellent. This innovative model for educating horse show judges proved to be an effective combination of traditional classroom education and hands-on experiential learning.