The continually changing demands of the workforce require faculty professional development be designed to improve teaching and enhance skills that stimulate student learning. To meet the educational needs and prepare students enrolled in majors in university Colleges of Agriculture for productive careers a focus on effective teaching should be a priority. This study sought to determine Associate Deans and Academic Leaders’ perceptions of the structure and effectiveness of professional development programs in their respective College of Agriculture. A researcher-developed instrument was utilized to collect data from Associate Deans and Academic Leaders of Agriculture Colleges at Land-grant universities and non-land grant Agricultural and Renewable Resources Universities (NARRU) throughout the United States. The vast majority (98%) of respondents indicated that it was definitely important to them to provide opportunities to enhance teaching and improve student learning utilizing three or more professional development programs per year. Respondents considered professional development programs effective in promoting teaching excellence and student learning. Creating a culture of teaching excellence using faculty mentoring and professional development opportunities that are flexible, convenient, provide incentives and rewards, and promote faculty teaching excellence to support student learning were recommended to increase participation in university and college-wide professional development programs.