The growing diversity of the nation’s higher education system entails comprehensive and holistic changes to improve the campus climate, student retention and reduce attrition rates for an ever-changing student demographic. To improve success outcomes in higher education, colleges and universities need to focus on personal relationships as a means to increase retention, recruitment, and support strategies for all students, particularly for underrepresented minority (URM) students in Ag+STEM disciplines. The purpose of this follow-up study was to explore and describe URM students’ perceived value of pre-graduate program experience in STEM-based agricultural life science disciplines. Participants from four cohorts completed an online questionnaire after participating in the pre-graduate program experience. The Mentoring Pre-Graduate Program Questionnaire (MPGPQ) was adapted from a previously developed instrument and was comprised of seven rating scale items, along with 13 demographic questions. Participants also participated in a phone interview comprised of six open-ended questions. The findings of this study revealed there is a strong need for pre-graduate school resources for undergraduate students interested in pursuing advanced degrees. Findings from this study indicated that participants have a favorable perception of the value of the pre-graduate program experience in preparing and motivating them to apply for graduate school.