For many students, the thought of earning a graduate degree can be intimidating which may be due to the lack of knowledge about how to pursue, apply, and gain admission to a graduate program. Students who plan to continue their education after obtaining an undergraduate degree may need additional preparation for graduate school coursework, research, or even insights into the graduate school application process. The Mentoring@ Purdue Resource Guide (M@P-RG) was developed to help students understand all the steps and requirements of applying to graduate school. The purpose of this study was to describe the perceived value of the M@P-RG – its content and usefulness – among participants. Almost three-fourths of participants indicated the M@P-RG would better prepare them for graduate school. A majority of participants also indicated they were ‘likely’ to continue their education to graduate school, with nearly half indicating they were ‘completely likely’ to pursue an advanced degree. Participants were also highly satisfied by the overall quality of the M@P-RG and they perceived the M@P-RG to have high utility value in preparing them for graduate school and the ability to increase graduate school readiness.