The purpose of this study was to analyze the perceptions of students and instructors in relation to the use of tablet personal computers (tablet PCs) in the learning environment of a Geographical Informational Systems/Geographical Positioning System (GIS/GPS) undergraduate course, offered within a university biological/agricultural engineering program. Students agreed that the incorporation of the tablet PCs into the learning environment heightened their overall learning experience, provided a more interactive learning environment and that the mobility of the tablet PCs allowed them to use GIS applications in a way that stationary units would not have facilitated. In this study, the instructors felt that the use of the tablet PCs enabled the class to do more and in a faster time. The instructors felt that the students were motivated and more interested in using the tablet PCs compared to traditional computers. In relation to gender, there were two statistically significant differences related to tablet PC use. Overall, the use of tablet PCs within the learning environment was perceived to have a positive impact for students enrolled in the GPS/GIS course as well as the instructors.


Key Words:


Tablet personal computers, GIS, GPS



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