University of Georgia - Tifton, a satellite campus of the University of Georgia UGA, began offering 4-year degree programs in fall 2003. This descriptive, quantitative study surveyed alumni using an online and email questionnaire to examine demographics, educational background, job experience, interest in pursuing a further degree and level of satisfaction of campus education. Sixty four of the 66 alumni completed the survey with major findings included the following: 42 alumni (68%) were interested in pursuing a further degree, with the majority of respondents (51%) choosing the Master of Agricultural Leadership (online degree). Ninety five percent of Alumni were gainfully employed and engaged in a career related to their major. The alumni satisfaction level of education at UGA – Tifton is: 44 respondents (69%) were very satisfied, followed by 17 (26.5%) with a rating of satisfied.


Key Words:


UGA - Tifton campus, Satellite campuses



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