This contribution describes a contemporary issues course (AGRI 3372[WI]) that has a strong global component. Since 2011, the course has been taught to mostly Animal Science majors; however, it is now a requirement for other agricultural majors. As a designated writing-intensive course it can substitute for a technical writing course. The course objective is: students will learn the basis of major global issues that relate to food production, use of appropriate technology, and the role of domesticated animals and plants in promoting food security across diverse cultures. The textbook, Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture, by Peter Cheeke, serves as a guide. In addition, globally relevant materials and PowerPoint-based lectures are used that include updated information from recent research reports, books, and other sources, including links to short videos and websites. Furthermore, students are introduced to world-renown scientists and key international agencies and organizations. A Blackboard course site has also been developed. Examples of global materials used in the course are provided in this paper. In class, students regularly write short essays that are expected to reflect a global perspective. In conclusion, engaging students in a contemporary issues course, with globally-enriched content, likely contributes to a deeper understanding of contemporary issues in agriculture.