College students from the Upper Great Plains Region of the United States often come from small towns (pop. <2000), and many have very limited world experience. Experiential exposure to global perspectives is critical to prepare undergraduates for a better understanding of the world and their future. An International Travel Abroad China Experience (3 credits) was initiated in 2012 through the South Dakota State University College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences with the objectives of exposing students to cultural norms and agricultural production practices of China. In class, students engaged in cultural and agricultural studies and interacted with strategic local and global partners to enrich their learning in-country. The semester-long class concluded with a two-week tour of China to provide travel experience far outside their everyday norm. Pre- and post-trip surveys were used to assess what students gained from the experience and how they perceived the experience prepared them for a life-long career. Here we summarize 2013 to 2016 survey results from 96 students enrolled in the class. Students reported gaining a comparative perspective of agricultural practices as well as a greater understanding of global agricultural markets, career opportunities, and open-mindedness about international travel in relation to their future careers.