Most college students and employers have differing views about skills gained from participating in a study abroad program. If created with purposeful intent to emphasize employability skills, study abroad programs can increase soft skills desired by future employers. Selected participants at Texas A&M University recorded their perceptions about soft skills gained from several agriculture-based, short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs. Many students perceived gains in important employability skills (i.e., communications, global awareness, flexibility, adaptability, and intercultural skills). Study abroad programs should be developed and administered to emphasize future employment soft skills to help participants more easily transfer such skills to future workplace settings. College of agriculture educators can help students develop soft skills through agriculture-focused, short-term, study abroad programs. Future research should explore agricultural employers’ beliefs about students’ employability skills gained from study abroad. A need exists to know which soft skills are most beneficial for entry-level employment, as identified and prioritized by agricultural industry employers, and/or community organization leaders.