Knowing the demographics and interests of incoming animal science students is important in structuring effective learning experiences. For this purpose, students in Animal Science and Veterinary Science First Year Seminar courses were surveyed as to their species and career interests. As animal science industries have clearly biased gender distributions, we expected gender to be correlated with species and career interests among freshmen students majoring in Animal Science at South Dakota State University. Students surveyed had a strong interest in beef cattle (cow/calf and feedlot sectors), horses, and companion animals. The least interest was indicated for poultry, goats, and zoo animals. Of career interests, animal breeding, reproduction, and farming received the most interest. Most students were female (68.2%). Males were more likely to be interested in the feedlot sector of beef production, while females were more likely to be interested in goats, horses, companion, and zoo animals (P<0.05). Males were also more interested in careers in agronomy and the feeds industry, while females were more interested in equine related careers and working in zoos (P<0.05). Gender differences in species and career interests are largely in agreement with gender distributions within animal science industries.