This qualitative study documented student andThis qualitative study documented student andteaching assistant perceptions of a partnership programimplemented in an introductory animal sciences course. Tocounteract the dominance of teacher-focused pedagogies inthe department, the program fostered partnership betweenundergraduate and graduate teaching assistants (TAs) andfaculty to design and facilitate interactive, student-centeredlaboratories. Students and TAs described experiencingcognitive dissonance in actively renegotiating disciplinaryculture surrounding teaching practices. However,participants also described the development of meaningfulrelationships through the shared vulnerability of occupyingthe ambiguous liminal space. Future programs providingmore opportunities for open discussion and reflection mayfurther advance shared understanding. In disciplinarycontexts such as animal sciences—where learner-centered,holistic views of engagement are countercultural—pedagogical partnership can facilitate significant stepstoward the development of meaningfully-situated, learnercenteredpedagogies and support engagement in academiccommunities.