The demand for egg and poultry products is increasing and the need for egg industry professionals is not being met. College graduates with an interest in agriculture have a low interest in poultry science careers due primarily to a lack of exposure and general knowledge of opportunities in the industry. The integration of poultry science concepts into elementary education provides an opportunity to stimulate student interest in the egg industry. The Elementary Education Gain Grow (E.G.G.) program was developed as an integrated STEM curriculum with five online modules, a supplemental interactive notebook, an embedded simulation game, and a team project. The program was offered to nineteen Indiana 4th and 5th grade classrooms. A pre-program questionnaire assessed students’ individual interest scores while post-module and post-program assessments evaluated students’ situational interest in relation to engaging with the online modules or the team project. Student situational interest (n=111; 23.1% response rate) was high during the online modules and the team project. Attention, challenge, novelty, and overall scores were higher in the team project (p < 0.05). Student notebook responses (n=173; 35.8% response rate) revealed interest themes reflecting the modules’ learning objectives including animal welfare, anatomy, and housing. Overall, our curriculum was successful at creating situational interest when engaging with poultry science.